Giovanni Battista Pagnoncelli (1835-1906)

The music professor and composer was born on 5thApril 1835 in Milan and died on 3rd December 1906 in his home town. He completed his studies of piano and organ music at the Royal Academy of Music in Milan, where he then studied the Theory of Composition by the famous Maestro Ronchetti-Montevit.

His first works as a composer (symphonies, cantatas and various other types of music) originated from this period during his studies. He allowed his compositions to be performed in the academies of the institute. In 1886 he was appointed composer and organist of the Priory Church of St. Alexander in Milan. He occupied this position until his death. He was also the organist in The Cathedral in Milan for several years, as well as being a piano teacher and the choirmaster in the Institute Macellinen.

He wrote spiritual music. His compositions for the centenary celebrations of St. Alexander ‘s Church are outstanding and were highly praised in the press. He published various compositions for pianoforte, voices and more.