Tomislav Baynov (*1958)

Tomislav Baynov (*1958)

Tomislav Baynov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1958. When he was 4 years old, his grandfather and his mother , the pianist Liliana Baynova , gave him his first piano lessons. When he was 6 he won the first prize in the national music competition in Prowadia, Bulgaria..

After he had passed his final exams at the high school, he began to study piano with Professor Konstantin Ganevin the Academy of Music in Sofia. At the same time he studied composing. In 1981 he moved to Germany, where he completed his studies at the Academy of Music in Trossingen and in 1991 under the capable hands of Prof. Johan de Beek, he passed his examinations and was awarded his “Konzertreifeprüfung” (Concert Diploma).

Baynov is the winner of several international piano awards. In addition to his teaching engagement at the Academy of Music in Trossingen and holding Master courses in Germany. Italy, Bulgaria and Greece, Baynov plays and presents solos, chamber music and orchestra concerts in all five continents.

In 1989 he founded the Baynov-Piano-Ensemble, which has dedicated itself to rarely heard works for several pianos. As a composer. Baynov, found here a vast field of activity. In addition to his own compositions, “H-Ais-F-E – Meditation” for 3 piano, gongs and tomtom, there are arrangements from Baynov for 2 – 6 pianos for “Feuertanz” (Dance with the Fire) from Manuel de Falla, “Porgy and Bess,”, “Rhapsody in Blue” and Concerto in F” from George Gershwin, “Hora staccato” from Dinicu / Wladigeroff and “Concert in a-minor for 4 Harpsichords” from Johann Sebastian Bach.

In an attempt to reanimate the multiple-hand technique with only one instrument, he, on the one hand, wrote arrangements for “Humoresque” from Rodion Stschedrin, the “Trisch-Trasch-Polka” from Johann Strauß and “Rapsodie Vardar” and on the other hand he himself composed the “Metrorhythma I ” for piano and 6 hands. This musical work in 15/8 tact, reminds players and listeners of his homeland, Bulgaria. Many of his compositions and other works have been recorded on compact discs by the Baynov-Piano-Ensemble..