Workshop: Music for Piano Ensembles

Workshop: Music for Piano Ensembles

Introduction to music for piano ensembles.

Playing the piano together with one, two, three or four other pianists on one or two pianos is an uncommon musical experience and an audio pleasure. The mutual playing opens a completely new dimension of sound.

Being a specialist publisher for music for piano ensembles, we, the Helm-Baynov Publishers, have been able to enlarge our range of sheet-music considerably. The original compositions and new editions in various grades (Lower. Intermediate and Higher) provide an excellent educational supplement for instrumental lessons and the basis for the instruction in groups.

In order to enable teachers to acquaint themselves with this extraordinary range of sheet-music, the publisher offers workshops, in your music school if you wish.

Workshop •

  • Introduction to music for piano ensembles. •
  • Presentation of the complete range of literature
  • a) for one piano and six or eight hands
  • b) for two pianos and eight, twelve or sixteen hands
  • Compositions and arrangements for beginners and advanced students, graded according to ability.
  • Practical experience and individual tuition
  • Organization and realisation of lessons
  • The opportunity of starting anew (ensembles for adults)

Workshop Supervision Gisela Helm

After studying music, the publisher, Gisela Helm worked for many years as a music teacher at home and abroad. During her teaching career, she dedicated herself to piano playing with several hands, as well as individual piano tuition.

Gisela Helm is the President of the “Allgäuer Tonkünstlerverband” (Allgäu Regional Society of Musical Artists) and in the year 2000 she founded the “Holiday Music Week” for children and young people. Since then this is an annual event, which Gisela Helm organises and supervises. A central theme of these holiday courses, which take place in the Bavarian Academy of Music in Marktoberdorf, is piano playing in an ensemble.

In addition to her work as publisher, Gisela Helm started working on a new project, “Piano for those wishing to start anew°, two years ago. The experience, already won regarding these courses, shows that adults also enjoy playing together in ensembles, especially in the formation, four pianists on two pianos. This is an extremely communicative and fulfilling way of spending free time.

Information and enrolment: - Gisela Helm