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Pick Karl-Heinz, Piano-trio for the Youth

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piano, violine, violoncello

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Composer Karl-Heinz Pick (*1929)

The “Klaviertrio für die Jugend” (Piano Trio for the Youth) in the traditional configuration for piano, violin and violoncello appeared simultaneously with the first piano sonata at the Johann Sebastian Bach Competition in Leipzig in 1976. It was one of the compulsory examination pieces for Contemporary Music.

The Trio with three movements is especially intended for young musicians and music lovers, as are numerous other compositions from my pen. Musical aspects as well as good handling are evident in the composition. In the piano part it is apparent that, for example, high-pitched octaves, which are often problematic for young students, have been avoided.

An andante held in a continuous 5/4 tact with a rhythmic structure and melodious sensibility, is embedded between two lively movements. and demands a high grade of artistic ability, Gernot Oertel (piano), Henry Henriot (violin) and Thomas Menzel (violincello) recorded this opus for the Ostdeutschen Rundfunk (East German Radio), which has broadcast the music on many occasions.

Karl-Heinz Pick

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