Benker Heinz, Marcia Festiva

Benker Heinz, Marcia Festiva

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for one piano and six hands

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Composer Heinz Benker (1921-2000)
Preface The existing MARCIA FESTIVA was created in 1997 from an impulse sent out from the Baynov Piano Ensembles. The term “festiva” (festive) is not to be literally taken but with a wink and a smile on the lips. This march shows, with its rhythmic disposition, a distinct relationship to jazz. This melody does not want to be marched! It wants to be danced! The speed can be accelerated according to taste.
Degrees of Difficult (U2-M1)
Compact Disc 6 hands one 1 piano vol. 2 (HB 502)
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Publication 1998
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