20. Holiday Music Week

20. Holiday Music Week

for children and young people 11 years or older
In the Bayerischen Musikakademie in Marktoberdorf
(Bavarian Academy of Music)
for string and wind instruments and piano
07th -13th June  2020 (Whitsun)

The “Allgäuer Regional Society of Musical Artists” is arranging  Music Camps for children and young people in the Bavarian Academy of Music in Marktoberdorf offering a wide variety of musical and leisure activities. The young people can choose between the courses “Chamber Music” or “Piano Music for Several Hands”. The playing and compiling of chamber music, small orchestra works and music for piano ensembles is the central feature of the courses.

Courses •

  • Chamber music with various musicians String instruments (violin, viola, cello, contrabass) Woodwind instruments – all except recorder Brass instruments – all with the exception of the saxophone All instruments with or without the piano •
  • For pianists Piano music for several hands 1 piano and 6 or 8 hands 2 pianos and 5, 8 or 12 hands
  • Daily singing (choir) 
  • Class for singers and pianists 
  • Orchestra
  • Conga drums
  • Body-percussion
  • Conga drums
  • Autogenous training 
  • Auditory training

Workshops •

  • Impressions of the music “Adiemus”
  • Practising intelligently 
  • Tuning systems for string-instruments ( top row: Why has the G-string always a lower tone than that of the piano?. How can I find the flageolett-notes ? etc. 
  • Playing the piano
  • “Open your ears!” Basic training for piano ensembles, rhythmic training games, auditory training, improvising in ensembles
  •  Music and Computer ( programmes for notation, auditory training)

Evening Courses •

  • Concerts and Dance
  • Final Concert

Leisure Programme •

Hill-walking, swimming, ball games etc.


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