Jean H. Ravina (1818-1906)

The French composer and pianist was born on 20th May 1818 in Bordeaux and died on 30th November 1906 in Paris. He studied Piano Music at the Academy of Music in Paris with Zimmermann and was awarded the first prize in this subject. He also studied the Theory of Composition by Reich and Leborne. After that he began his career as a concert pianist and he composed a number pieces of “salon music”, which were very popular with pianists for a long time. He was married to the pianist Lätitia Sari (Paris, 1822-1893), who published piano music under her maiden name. After he had established himself in Paris, he travelled to Rome in 1853 and visited Spain in 1871.

His Works: Concert for piano and orchestra op.63, Fantasies, Nocturnes, Waltzes, Mazurke, Scherzi, variations and studies for the piano, arrangements for piano and four hands, including works from Beethoven. New editions of numerous works from other famous composers (Bach, Mozart, Händel, Hayden, Weber etc.) can be found in the book “Classique du pianiste” published by Leduc.