August Riedel (1855-1929)

August Riedel

was born in Chemnitz in 1855 and died in Plauen in 1929. He was a student at the Conservatorium in Leipzig before he was called to the Music Teachers’ Training College in Plauen in 1888. In 1890 he was appointed Director of Music. He wrote cantata, chorals, songs and piano scores, including the work Opus18, for which he composed the music for a second piano, in addition to the six sonata already composed op.20 and op.55 by Friedrich Kuhlau. This work is still available. “Am Weihnachtsabend” (On Christmas Eve) in its original form is arranged for two pianos and eight hands and is suitable for domestic pianists, who play by reading the notes. The piano score is very simple using familiar German Christmas carol melodies (T.9 “Tochter Zion)”, T.44 “Es ist ein Ros entsprungen” T.78 “O du fröhliche”, T.101 “Stille Nacht (Silent Night).

Christoph Sischka