Ivan Shekov (1942)

Ivan Shekov

born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1942 studied at the Academy of Music in his home town. His first compositions were written during this period. As a composer of international acclaim he won a gold medal at the “Bisoni” piano competition in Italy. The “Lieder für Kinderchor und Kammerorchester” (Songs for Children’s Choirs and Chamber Orchestras) was commissioned by Bulgarian Television in 1979. Shekov has been living in Germany since 1980 and composes concertante chamber music for almost all instruments as well as music for chamber orchestras and young instrumentalists. Some of his works have received prizes in the competitions for new compositions in Berlin in 1992 and in Lugano in 1994.

“Warum nicht?” (Why not?) Rumba for piano and 6 hands:

I love the Latin-American rhythms. This music conveys vivacity, atmosphere and a very special way of life, just what young musicians treasure. As I heard two splendid young Slavish musicians playing a duet, i was so enthusiastic, that I wanted to join them immediately as the third member of their group. There are a variety of lovely pieces of music for this constellation. But why should I not compose something myself? “Why not?” – That’s how this title was born. When someone asks, “Why (not?) – we three play together, perhaps because we enjoy it?” The answer is simple, “Of course we do!”