Modest Mussorksky, Pictures at an Exhibition

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for 2 pianos, 12 hands and 4 percussionists ad lib.

Arrangement. Noriko Ishikawa


1.     Promenade                                                                            
2.     Gnomus                  
3.      Promenade II                                                                                                 
4.      Il vecchio castello, Das alte Schloss                                                                                               
5.      Promenade III                                                                                                 
6.      Les Tuileries, Dispute d’enfants après jeux  (Spielende Kinder im Streit)                                                                               
7.      Bydlo  / Der Ochsenkarren                                                                                          

8.      Promenade IV                                                                                                       
9.      Ballett der unausgeschlüpften Küken                                                             
10.    Samuel Goldberg und Schmuyle                                                                                 
11.     Promenade V                                                                                                       
12.    Limoges, Le marché , Der Marktplatz von Limoges                                                                             
13.    Catacombae / Die Katakomben                                                                              
14.    Con Mortuis in Lingua Mortua,  Mit den Toten in einer toten Sprache                                                            
15.    Die Hütte der Baba Yaga                                                                                 
16.    Das große Tor vom Kiew              

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Composer Modest Mussorgsky
Degrees of Difficult M1-M2
Compact Disc PICTURES die 12 pianisten und das Karlsruher Schlagzeug Ensemble Ars Produktion
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Score, Piano I, Piano II, 6 single Parts,
Score for Percussionists, 4 Single Parts

The Arrangement of "Pictures at an Exhibition" is also without
percussionists performable. The voices of the percussionists
transferred to the pianists, are in the whole performance material
grey in.



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