Mejer Thomas K. I.(*1961), Aguardienta de Vida

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Original sheetmusic 2005

Score with 4 separat Parts

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Composer Thomas K. J. Mejer (*1961)

All four pianists play on one single grand piano. The top of the piano has to be removed. All begin on the side of the keyboard, but move gradually to the side of the strings and back to the keyboard, thus circling the piano during the piece.

While the piece progreses, more and more focus is put on sounds which are produce on (or with) the strings. Each performer takes the responsibility for her/his preparations of strings and her/his ways of attac. Wooden spoons (used in cooking) can be used for the sections which are marked "with sticks". For the preparation of the strings, material such as rubber, screws, tapes, wood, balls, etc. can be used. Details are left to the imagination of the performers.

The notes from H2-F3 are not possible to attac on all pianos. Octavic displacement are suggested for this incidences.

To avoid a jam of score/parts, each performer must memorise as much as possible and only carry a "lead sheat" with him.

Degrees of Difficult (M1)

Playscore, Score, 4 Parts separate

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